Resonance for Guitar Orchestra

"Resonance" is a guitar ensemble composition where the main theme is the game between movement and sound.

The sensation of movement is achieved by using small phrases or musical ideas (either normally played notes or extended guitar techniques) and moving them through the ensemble. These ideas are transformed into material that gives dynamic to the composition, yet it still allows the listener to not lose track of these ideas.

An important intent with this composition is that it should be interesting to the public, something that always sparks a sense of continuity and not something static. It should give an enabling feeling of finding a development in music in a different way, yet easy to perceive.

Performance Notes:

  • The ensemble should be arranged as follows:

  • The minimum number of guitar players required is 6. If more performers are added to the orchestra, then they must follow the following order:
  1. First addition plays guitar 6.
  2. Second addition plays Guitar 5.
  3. Third addition plays Guitar 1 (Yet only one performer will play the solo).
  4. Fourth addition plays Guitar 4.
  5. Fifth addition plays Guitar 2.
  6. Sixth addition plays Guitar 3.
  7. Any other addition(s) must follow the same order.
  • The natural harmonics of the guitar are written on the note to be played, rather than the sound they produce.
  • The work is in standard tuning and is for classical guitars.
  • You should always extend the sound of the note played on the guitar as much as possible.
  • Approximate performance time is 07'50 "

Felipe Carvajal R. (2016)

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