Three Nocturnes For Solo Piano

During my high school days, a pianist friend familiarized me with the music of Frederick Chopin and since then, his nocturnes have always fascinated me.

Chopin popularized the term in such a way, that it is almost impossible to not relate the word “nocturne” with him. However, he was not the first composer to use the term. The Irish composer John Field used it before him, and more recently, composers like Fause, Scriabin, Bartok or Barber have composed other nocturnes.

A nocturne is an evocation to the night, to loneliness and meditation. In these three compositions, I suggest these concepts, combining them with a very personal perspective and harmonic language. Without leaving behind the fundaments that Chopin established, I use modal and atonal harmony and non-functional chords in my nocturne.

Finally, these three pieces reflect my admiration of Chopin’s music.

The compositions can be played together, or individually.

The approximate playing time is 16’20”

Felipe Carvajal R. (2016)

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Copyright © Felipe Carvajal Rojas 2020