Felipe Carvajal Rojas (1988):

Began his studies in acoustic and flamenco guitar at the age of 11 in San José, Costa Rica.

He participates as a soloist in the VIX International Guitar Festival in Costa Rica, held at the Costa Rica National Theater, which included artists such as David Russell, Luis Salinas and Juan Carlos Laguna.
During 2008 he participated in the VI International Guitar Festival of Arequipa, Peru, where he shares the stage with various international artists. Later that year, he participated in the 1st International Guitar Festival of Nicaragua, in the cities of Managua and Granada.
In 2009 participates again in the VXI International Guitar Festival in Costa Rica, sharing the stage with Victor Monge "Serranito", and sharing lineup with Celso Machado, Elmer Ferrer, among other important guitarists.

He moved to Seville to continue his music studies at the Conservatory of Music of that city in the speciality of Flamenco Guitar. In this city, he plays in various stages and “tablaos” of Seville and near cities, as soloist and accompanying guitarist for different ensembles. On 2012, participates in the 1st International Guitar Festival in Seville, as soloist.

For the 2013, is invited to the 4th edition of the International Guitar Festival “Cuerdas al Aire” in Lima, Peru.

This year also moved to Miami to study Music Composition, at the Florida International University.

He has shared the stage with a large list of artists from Costa Rica, in very different genres, from Latin music, Jazz, Classical, Rock and Flamenco musicians as well as artists from Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

In the composition field, has done works for theater, music for small ensembles, arrangements of different genres and music for media. Also has recorded for a great variety of music and worked as a Recording and Mixing Engineer in projects from Jazz, Rock, Ska, Latin Music, Acoustic Music, Metal, Classical, World Music and Flamenco.

He has received master classes with Aldo Rodríguez (Cuba, Classic Guitar), Sébastien Váchez (France, Classic Guitar), Celso Machado (Brazil, Classic Guitar), Jose Antonio Rodriguez (Spain, Flamenco Guitar), Alvaro Mátus (Costa Rica, Jazz), David Vargas (España, Flamenco Guitar), Eduardo Rebollar (España, Flamenco Guitar), Alonso Torres (Costa Rica, Classic Composition), Jose Pérez Muñoz (Spain, Composing for Film), Alejandro Román (Spain, Composing for Film), among many others.




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